Miscellaneous service actions, like privacy policy fetching.


An action to get privacy policy of the service. This policy describes the privacy data handling between customer and our service. The action can be used to get English version of the policy and the Finnish version. In Finland this policy is called “rekisteriseloste”. The client can show this policy to the customer to inform customer about information collection done by our service.


POST nameValueRequired?

Possible values for language

  • fi, Finnish
  • en, English


Response is plain text response in JSON object.


Expectable errors

See error conventions section for explanation how error system works.

Label Additional data Description
LANGUAGE_MISSINGNoneYou need to specify the language which for you want to have the policy for.
INVALID_LANGUAGENoneThere is no policy for the language you requested. Acceptable languages are fi and en at the moment.


There is three different types of news:

  • service specific news
  • restaurant specific news
  • client specific news

Service specific news are global news, for example about payment method changes, or other important things related to Fiidmi services. When getting service level news, no arguments should be passed.

When passing restaurant_id only, you can get restaurant’s news. At the moment restaurants does news very rarely, but there is support for it. We may also push automatic news for example about restaurant getting a diploma.

Note, that all news will most likely be in Finnish. That is, if you have multilingual application, or plan to focus to someone other than finns, it may be better not bother with these news.

Third type of news, that is client specific news, can be requested by passing client version, are client specific news, for example to tell the customer that client needs to be updated before an order can be placed.

These news are done by client basis, and in case you need this kind of news, please contact us, and we’ll help you with them. There is no possibility for client to push these news by themselves.


POST nameValueRequired?
restaurant_idintegerOnly for restaurant news
client_versionmyclient-1.0Only for client news


If restaurant_id is not given, service news are returned. If restaurant_id is given, only restaurant’s news are returned.


Response is array of news.

    "title":"Example News",
    "body":"Actual News Text"
    "title": "Example mews",
    "body": "Example Body Slam"


This is title of the news.


Actual content of the news. Can contain HTML.


URL to an image that could be attached to a news item. May be empty.


URL to a link that could be automatically opened in a browser, for example to force customer to update the application from application store.


This time can be used to get the server time and day, for more accurate time calculations.

In case you can’t trust the client’s time of clock, for example if it is on wrong timezone or its clock may be for example 30 minutes off for reasons unknown, this can be used to get the server time and used in calculations instead.


This action does not require any request parameters.


Response is following:

  "time": "15.30",
  "day": 3

time is time of the day, in Finnish format. It means 15:30. day is day index. 1 means Monday and 7 Sunday, so 3 means Wednesday.


Returns newest available and minimum required version of the client.

NOTE: This action is purely for checking version of a client. There is separate action /service/news which allows version specific news for example notification of updates or other advertisement if the client sees a need for them.


POST nameValueRequired?

If client wants to, client_version can be passed for backend to further customize the response. For now it is not used for anything.


Response is following:

  "newest_version": "0.99",
  "minimum_version": "0.01"

If newest_version is different than current version of the customer’s client, the client can consider telling customer to update to newer version (of the client). A Client may check minimum_version in order to see if client’s current version is too old and hence requires an update.

Expectable errors

See error conventions section for explanation how error system works.

Label Additional data Description
INVALID_API_KEYNoneYour credentials are wrong.

Errors for all service actions

See error conventions section for explanation how error system works.

Label Additional data Description
INVALID_ARGUMENTSNoneThis error happens when proper arguments for request has not been sent; invalid action url, like /service without /policy at end.