Action for checking if order the data that are to be passed to /restaurant/make_order is valid.


POST nameValueRequired?
session_idhash returned by loginYes¹

¹) Either session_id or api_key and secret is needed.

By default all the input data will be validated, and for missing data, an error would be raised. It is possible to validate only product related information, if for example delivery address and payment method is not known. This would check if given product data is valid and can be used in orders. To be sure if the products actually are orderable to an address, delivery address and other order data should be passed and full validation should be done.

If your client uses coordinates for locating a customer, using those coordinates as an address for rudimentary validation of the order data is possible. Since coordinates may be wrong or different from where customer wants to order the products, final checks should be done after customer’s delivery address or method is known.

/restaurant/make_order will always perform data validation by itself; this call is meant for earlier validation and as a development aid.

Other values this action accepts are exactly what /restaurant/make_order accepts. When passing validate_only_products, products array and restaurant_id and optionally alternative_delivery_time is needed, rest are ignored.


"valid" or error(s) as specified at /restaurant/make_order.