This action can be used to check order’s status: whether restaurant has received order, has messages sent correctly and similar information.


POST nameValueRequired?

¹) Either session_id or api_key and secret must be passed. If your client handles anonymous users, you may not have session id, in which case passing api key and secret would let you to get order status.

For language, see account page’s language section.


  "estimated_delivery_time":"To 28.10 klo. 17.45"


Possible values are

If this is "accepted", he order has been accepted and has been delivered to restaurant. If "rejected", order has been rejected, and customer needs to do another order to same or different restaurant, or with different payment method or something similar. "pending" means order has not yet been processed.

This flag only has significance for Mobilepay payment method; for all other payment methods, this should always be "accepted", unless order has been cancelled by customer care or similar party.

For Mobilepay payment method, this will be "accepted" if customer has paid the order and "rejected" if not.


1 if restaurant has successfully received the order, 0 if not


1 if order is ready for delivery or to be fetched from the restaurant, 0 otherwise. Optional, up to restaurant to use; defaults to 0.


Estimated arrival time of the order, or the time order is ready in the restaurant in case of takeaway orders. Optional, up to restaurant to use; if not present in response, restaurant didn’t use the feature.

If there is value, it’s preformatted time that can be shown to customer. I doubt it’s much use otherwise.

Expectable errors

See error conventions section for explanation how error system works.

Label Additional data Description
INVALID_ORDER_IDNone This is not the id you got.
ORDER_NOT_FOUNDNone Order were not found from the system. What you tried to do...?