Fiidmi API

This action can be used to fetch same data you would get with /restaurant/list, but only for one restaurant. The return data is otherwise same but only one restaurant hash containing the values, instead of array of restaurants.

For most of the application logic, it makes more sense to cache result of /restaurant/list in client, this action is meant to be called only when you for some reason only know the restaurant’s id and nothing else.


POST nameValueRequired?


Language code of the language you want to get the errors. If session_id is given, the language from the session is used, otherwise language is used. Defaults to fi.

See possible values at /account/login.


If true in request, cuisines will be returned in response. See /restaurant/list for syntax.


See return values at /restaurant/list. The response is otherwise same, but where /restaurant/list return an array, this action returns only one restaurant without an array.

Expectable errors

See error conventions section for explanation how error system works.

Label Additional data Description
NO_RESTAURANT_IDNoneIf you did not pass restaurant id.
NO_RESTAURANTS_FOUNDNoneIf there was no restaurants found with given id.