Returns all restaurant’s data necessary for placing an order.


POST nameValueRequired?

Usage of this language attribute is described at /account/register’s language section.


Response data is described at /restaurant/metadata. This hash, in addition to fields mentioned there, contains additional hashes categories, which contains data as described at /restaurant/categories/get and ingredient_groups, which contains data as described at /restaurant/ingredient_groups

The response will be like following:

  "id": 1,
  "other": "values",
  "from":" /restaurant/metadata",
  "categories": [{"data from":"/restaurant/categories"}],
  "and": "so on",
  "ingredient_groups": {"data_from":"/restaurant/ingredients"}

You can see example JSON here.

Expectable errors

See error conventions section for explanation how error system works.

Label Additional data Description
NO_RESTAURANT_IDNoneTried to get restaurant’s data without restaurant id. That won’t do.
INVALID_RESTAURANT_IDNoneThen try to supply real id.