There is some chains, like Pizza Service and Kotipizza, in Fiidmi service. Filtering through chains is possible, though maybe not most often used feature.

One way to implement chains would be to have a item with name like “Show chains”, where list of chains received with this actions is shown. When customer chooses a chain, the choose is remembered, and then customer is instructed to search restaurants for a city.

If there is restaurants found, filter other restaurants than restaurants which chain id matches to the chain id customer chose. If there is not any matching restaurants (or even if restaurants matches), there could be a link that would allow customer to easily look at other restaurants that was returned with the search.

In this way customer could easily fallback regular restaurant list without doing another query to the backend server.

There is also possibility of filtering by chain id in restaurant list directly. This saves some bandwidth between customer’s device and the server, but if customer in the end wants to see other restaurants in the city, it requires another query to the server.

We’ll leave it up to the developer to decide which way is better way to implement this.


No parameters needed.


    "name":"First Chain"
    "name":"Second Chain"

Expectable errors

Label Additional data Description
NO_CHAINSNoneThere was no chains found. We do have chains, so this should never happen.